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Telling Love Stories Through Video and Stills.

Saskatchewan | Alberta Wedding Photographer and Videographer


Do You Believe That ...

Experiences are so much better than things? That champagne tastes better after it gets sprayed? That you should be unapologetically yourself and plan a wedding day that is authentically you - quirks and all?

Are you looking to have your memories saved at all angles? So you can look back and not only see the faces of your day, but listen to the voices that made your wedding day special?

If you're ready to live in the moment, to laugh with your partner, and to truly embrace all the curveballs that a wedding day brings and what makes it unique to you - then we are friggen ready to be the best double-date you will ever have.

We Are Alte Weddings.

We are a wedding photographer and videographer team who create art by documenting love stories. We capture stills that will take you back in time and provide films that you will want to watch for years to come.

We service all over Saskatchewan and Alberta, from the wild prairie, to the Canadian Rockies and every landscape in-between. We capture large wedding celebrations, quiet backyard ceremonies, or even crazy-ass elopements that take you to a mountain top. If you're a cute-ass couple who loves the absolute crap out of one another, has a solid sense of humour, and are one of those people who actually put their shopping carts back where they're supposed to go - we are here for you!

AT2020 (70)_edited.jpg

Hey! It's Aleah & Terran!

and we named our company after ourselves.

And it's not because we lack creativity,
but because we wanted to be equally represented.

We're like peanut butter and chocolate. Individually, we're a nice little treat, but together we provide a completely different experience that kind of blows-your-tits-off.

When you work with us, you get our lame jokes, our artistic chemistry, and some kick-ass photos and videos to remember one of the best days ever. It's like you've made some new couple-friends who tell you how cute you are and follow you around with cameras all day.

You know, normal double-date stuff.



  • Wedding Day Documentation

  • Wedding Photography

  • Wedding Videography

  • Elopement Planning

  • Couple Sessions

  • Customizable Packages


We Can't Wait To Celebrate YOU!

let's f**king do this thing.

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